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My violin performances are renowned for their international standard, bringing a sense of elevation and enchantment to all those in attendance. When I perform live with a DJ, the energy in the room soars, enveloping everyone in a wave of excitement reminiscent of the iconic Tomorrowland festival.

Collaborating with top production companies both in Israel and abroad, I have had the privilege of showcasing my talent in exotic and highly sought-after locations. From the breathtaking Seychelles to the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland, Sicily, the Italian Alps, and more, I have taken my violin to places that exude a sense of wonder and beauty.

What sets my performances apart is the level of excellence I bring to every event. I strive to create a truly immersive and unforgettable experience for my audience. With each stroke of the bow, I aim to captivate hearts and transport listeners to a world where music becomes a language of emotions and connections.

By entrusting your event to me, you can be assured of the highest level of artistry and professionalism. I approach each performance with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every note resonates with precision and passion. Whether it's a grand celebration, an intimate gathering, or a corporate affair, I am committed to elevating the atmosphere and leaving a lasting impression on every attendee.

It is my belief that music has the power to transcend boundaries and create shared moments of joy and inspiration. Through the harmonious blend of violin and contemporary sounds, I bring a unique and electrifying energy to your event, leaving guests mesmerized and filled with a sense of awe.

Experience the magic and enchantment of my violin show as I take you on a musical journey like no other. Contact me now to discuss how I can elevate your upcoming event with my extraordinary performances. Let's create an unforgettable experience together, where music becomes the centerpiece of cherished memories.

הייחודיות של כרמית היא לתת מופע סולו ברמה בינלאומית מרים ושוחף את כולם. כרמית במופע לייב און דיג'י מרימה את כל העובדים אשר באים להנות ונותנת למסיבה דרך הנגינה וויב של פסטיבל טומרולנד. כרמית עובדת בשיתוף פעולה מול חברות ההפקה המובילות בישראל ובחו"ל והופיעה בלוקיישנים אקזוטיים ונחשקים כגון: איי סיישל, שוויץ, סיציליה, הרי האלפים האיטלקיים, ועוד.

Carmit playing the violin in a company event
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